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Interview(s) with the Turkish team, and greetings from all of us = )

Dear All, we have been interviewed, again! You can read it here

And in case you missed the previous one, here it is: yabangee interview

and the Turkish team members keep meeting each other in different parts of the world :)) I think this is also what made our course - as we understand from your feedback - good. We do communicate a lot with each other although we are located in 4 different countries. We hope to meet soon again with more members, and who knows, maybe we might even organize a get together with the learners!

So, hugs from all of us! (Selcen_Ozturk: Selcen, AlexinnotTurkey: Alex, Ektoraskan: Utku, maviportakal: Patty, Emel_Bilgin: Emel, İlkei: İlke, emma-lee93: özge, unfortunately Nur -ladynurington- is missing, we don't have her picture but I am sure she is sending you hugs too :) )

August 12, 2015



Thank you team Turkish, especially Selcen and Alex, for creating such a great course, which has helped me understand almost 80 percent of anything in Turkish, in less than five months! You are awesome! ♥♥♥

I love your pictures, by the way! :D

Hugs back all of you


So nice to see some faces behind the names!

And thank you to everyone for your work on the course and for your participation in the sentence discussions!


Thank you all for the marvellous Turkish course. I rate it as the best of all the wonderful courses released so far. I have nearly completed it for the second time, in just five more skills I will have a lovely shiny tree again. I am very proud of it, and grateful to have had the opportunity to learn the language. I look forward to any expansion of it. I would love to learn even more.


The only course I've tried so far on DuoLingo, and after +3 months I can totally say that it has helped me tremendously.

I went from zero knowledge of Turkish to understanding most of daily conversations and having an acceptable (and daily improving) grasp of grammar, which is unheard of after only a few months of learning!

A big thanks to team Turkish! (with special shoutouts to Selcen, Alex and Ektoraskan) For me, this course couldn't have come at a better time! Gerçekten teşekkürler!


Turkish Course is amazing. It's simple and powerful. I have seen some criticism about Duolingo in web saying that course in Duolingo are made by common people selected as contributors, hence the course is no good when compared by a course prepared by those who are specialist in teaching that language. But this criticism can't touch Turkish at all. For me Turkish course on Duolingo can rival any course in world. Perhaps, it's even better when compared to other.

Congratulations to Turkish team. My words are not enough to describe their greatness ^_^.


So many awesome people in one post! My heart can't take it! :D

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication that you all put into the course. It is by far my favorite course on this site! Hugs! :)


I just returned from a month in Turkey and although I wasn't able to finish the tree before leaving, I wanted to say thanks, the course helped me tremendously. :) I'll keep working on it until I have a golden tree.


I love how "It’s about time you learned some Turkish, and Duolingo is here to help." is the first sentence. I know people who lived in Turkey for a short period of time and never bothered learning Basic Turkish.

I must say, Turkish is one of my favourite courses here. It is well-structured and the grammar was explained well.



I was pleased to read that "Luis von Ahn, the cofounder of Duolingo, encouraged us to release the course in its current form, get feedback and maybe edit or expand later. We have received very good feedback so far and we are hoping to expand it a bit soon."

Who knows what plans Google Capital has for Duolingo and when the whole of language learning will be replaced by machine translation. But I hope the Turkish team continue to interact with the central Duolingo people as I feel the main problem with Duolingo is their lack of responsiveness to feedback from us learners, in contrast to the Turkish team's very good communication with us. Perhaps they feel overwhelmed by the total number of learners feeding back so maybe teams like the Turkish team could summarize the most important feedback points to them, in particular how native English speaker's difficulties with learning suffixes could be overcome.

Thanks very much to Selcan and all the other "steadfast responders".


I learn Turkish language every day and I am glad to see others doing the same. Nice to meet the Turkish and the Duolingo teams. For all of you Teşekkürler!


Hi and thank you for this wonderful course.

BTW I thought Selcen was a man ;)


Probably because I thought that Selcen is a male name. Sorry I don't know Turkish names yet :)

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