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  5. "З батьком"

"З батьком"

Translation:With dad

August 12, 2015



Is there a determiner in Ukrainian? Why is "with the father" impermissible?


No native English speaker would use either 'a' or 'the' in this sentence. Only words like 'my/your/his/our' etc. Saying 'a father' makes it sound like it doesn't matter whose father or you don't know whose father.


It is not a sentence, but rather a phrase without any context, quite a common thing on Duolingo. If you want to know whether it could exist in English, you must imagine a context: "There is a new family on our block. I was just speaking with one of them." "Really, with which one?" "With the father." I don't know that it is anything I have ever said in my half century, but I certainly might have in this or a few other contexts.


True but the phrase, as it stood on the day that I made the comment was ambiguous. I believe it's been changed since. As nearly as I can remember, only one answer was accepted (a father) and it was impossible to tell, given the Ukrainian, just what English answer they were looking for.


That's right. I had forgotten that. It's quite common when these courses are in beta, I'm afraid.


I'd also say, "З Татом."

[deactivated user]

    «З татом» is closer to "with dad", it is less formal way of speaking than «з батьком».


    'with (my) father' should be accepted - TATO is the word for dad - батько is given as the word for father in other lessons and the online Ukrainian dictionary also says this means 'with my father.'


    "With parent". Why not? Батьки - parents


    I don't understand why the answer is with "a" father. English speakers do not say this.


    With dad - is not correct! З батьком - with father. З тато - with dad!!!!!


    Does тато not decline?


    Why is it dad and not father. If you click on the Ukrainian eord it brings up father and tgen you get tge sentence wrong, does not make sense

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