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  5. "Athraíonn sé seo gach rud."

"Athraíonn seo gach rud."

Translation:This changes everything.

August 12, 2015



'How to train your Dragon: Race to the Edge' anyone? This. Changes. Everything.


Same thought here. Harry Potter references and how to train your dragon references? I really want to meet whoever writes these sentences


I thought of the Naomi Klein film about climate change - This Changes Everything!

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You young whippersnappers… it makes me think of Mad Men


That's what came to my mind, too.


Couldn't this also be "he changes everything?" Why is that not accepted?


I'm not one of the experts, but I think the "seo" changes everything! :-) Or at least, it changes "he/it" to "this." You have to account for all the words in your answer.


Why is 'sé' needed here? ..... Why not just "Athraíonn seo gach rud"...


"Athraíonn sé gach rud" is "He changes everything". "Sé seo" means "this".


I thought 'seo' on it's own was this, and that 'sé' was either 'it/he'?..

[deactivated user]

    Seo is used with the third person singular or plural personal pronoun as described in Ó Dónaill (e) (With 3 sg. or pl. pers. pron.) Tá sé ~ ag imeacht, this person is leaving. Is é ~ mo pheannsa, this is my pen. An iad ~ do chlannsa? Are these your children? Tá sí ~ le pósadh, this girl is getting married. Más í ~ an iníon is óige aige, if this is his youngest daughter. Cad é ~ a dúirt sé? What is this he said?


    What exactly is the difference between "this" and "that" in this case? And what would "that" be in Irish?

    [deactivated user]

      Seo = this, sin = that. (Sin is pronounced shin)

      Cé hé sin amuigh
      A bhfuil faobhar ar a ghuth

      These are the first two lines of a poem Éamon a' Chnoic.

      Who is that outside
      Who has an edge to his voice


      What's the difference between "an bhfuil" and "a bhfuil"? GRMA

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        Rejects alters.

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