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To Gamma and Beyond!

Alpha Phase

Beta Phase

Gamma Phase

Tusen hjertelig takk!

A thousand heartfelt thanks to all of our students who helped us out of beta since May. We are supremely grateful for your error reports, comments, and contributions.

As we prepare to build Tree 2.0, an improved tree, please continue to give us feedback and let us know what we're doing right and what can be improved. This course is a living, breathing entity, and we will continue to make changes, and some substantial ones as soon as we gain the ability to do so (we do not have the tools as of yet).

Vi snakkes!

-Det norske laget

August 12, 2015



Congratulations for graduating from beta! That first gif was like me when I was waiting for the Norwegian course to be released! I was checking the incuabator page everyday:) Will the second tree add new content to the old skills or add new ones?


The second tree will add new content to the old skills, add new skills, and fix a couple loose ends here and there.


That's great, thanks!


Congratulations! Learning Norwegian here has been such a rewarding and fun experience. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and your time so generously. It's amazing how quickly the course incubated and now graduated, and how consistently great its quality is (and also the abundance of Harry Potter references). I'm looking forward to watching the Norwegian Tree continue to grow!


Thank you all for the commitment to get this tree finally released out of beta! looking forward to start with norwegian really soon!


Gratulerer! & tusen takk for all your hard work on the course :D


Will fluency percentage and extra skills for purchase with lingots be added at some point?


We have no idea if/when fluency percentage is coming... Extra/bonus skills will arrive someday, but we're not sure when, exactly.


I started studying Norwegian for fun since I can't ever imagine using it (I live in Iowa), but I love it! It is so fun and interesting. I have been using the tips on the website, and the app on my phone.


Are you going to introduce pronunciation tasks?


I've noticed that on the iPhone app, there are no speaking exercises yet, though I think it is included on the website. Will this be added to the apps soon?

Also, on other courses I have encountered grammar tips and explanations pop up while doing mobile app lessons. I find it helpful; right now the only place to find the Norwegian tips is on the skills pages on the website. Will this be added to the apps as well?


The course still has no grammar tips and strengthening lessons doesn't work properly either. I've been reviewing my lessons lately - even with one mistake in 20 questions it doesn't strengthen a lesson. Can you somehow fix this bug please?

I often make typos like "He take(s) his umbrella." Can I report these so that my answers would not be marked wrong for such typos?


The rule is that if a typo makes a real word it is counted as an error. So "He taes his umbrella" is okay because "taes" is not a real word. But "take" is a real word so it is an error. There is no point reporting it because it is a Duolingo rule, not specific to the Norwegian course.


I am almost finished Tree 1.0. What will happen to my tree when Tree 2.0 is released? Will I have to go back and complete new stuff? Redo stuff that has been modified? Before I can finish in golden style

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