"An older sister and an older brother"

Translation:Старша сестра і старший брат

August 12, 2015

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At first, I wrote the phrase without using одна or один but then checked the "hint" which seemed to suggest that I should have it, so I did...and got it wrong :-/


how does this imply "an"?


I think there are no articles ("a", "an", "the", etc.) in Ukrainian, so the Ukrainian translation ("Старша сестра і старший брат") doesn't imply "an" and could be translated back into English as "the older sister and the older brother".

Can anyone confirm?


there are no articles in Ukrainian indeed. So imagine a family of 8 kids, in the beginning of 20th century we had lots of families like that, and for the youngest child that would indeed be AN older sister and AN older brother.


I am working on level 3 in Ukrainian and every time I want to review I always get level 1 exercises and not level 2. Why is that?

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