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  5. "Du spielst."

"Du spielst."

Translation:You are playing.

January 1, 2013



Yes, that's correct. "Du" is a form of address when you know someone very well. When you want to address someone you don't know that good you say "Sie". Du spielst. Sie spielen. ( "you are playing" as well as the plural form "they are playing")

[deactivated user]

    Does "spielen" mean to play like a sport or to play an instrument? Like jugar vs. tocar in Spanish?


    It means both. I would say it is the same as in English.


    In Spanish "Tu" is the informal version of you, is this the same in German?


    Incidentally "Tu" is also an informal word for you in Hindi


    Theres this theory that says that p much all occidental lenguages come from a prehistoric civ called "hindo-european" and its thanks to them "Tu" or similars are ways of saying informal you and most possesives start with h, from the Habere

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