"There are ten decades in a century."

Translation:Estas dek jardekoj en jarcento.

August 13, 2015

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Would "En jarcento estas dek jardekoj" be correct?


"Jen dek jarkedoj en jarcento"

Does "Jen" not work here?


No - it's more like "Look, here are ten decades in a century (for you)".

It's when you point to something to show it to someone.

Compare to "voilĂ " or "voici" in French.

So you could "Jen mia libro" (Voici mon livre) for "This is my book (that I am showing to you)".

But "Jen ok planedoj en nia sunsistemo" might work if you are pointing to a diagram, but not for a general statement that there are eight planets.

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