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"The whole family must sleep in one house."

Translation:Hele familien må sove i ett hus.

August 13, 2015



Hvorfor ikke "Den hele familien"?


"Hele" does not need a "den," for what reason I do not know.


Just to get this right: If there would be another adjective, the "den" is required? It's just a "hele"-thing?


Could it be because if we say “den hele familien” it would mean “that whole family”?


Why is it 'ett hus' and not 'en hus'? I know the article for house is supposed to be ett, but in this case it's not an article but a number, right?


From what I know the number one has to agree with the gender of the noun and in order to emphasise that you specifically mean one of something instead of the indefinite article you write én instead of en for the common gender and ett instead of et for neuter gender.


Et hus. Huset. Ett hus

En hund. Hunden. Én hund

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