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  5. "З чим ти п'єш чай?"

"З чим ти п'єш чай?"

Translation:What do you drink tea with?

August 13, 2015



It should accept "What do you drink with tea?"


A common incorrect answer is "What do you drink with tea", this incorrect as it is with what not with tea (з чаєм)


Although formal, you can also ask,"With what do you drink your tea?" Most natural is "How do you take/drink your tea?"


a tea? seems wrong


It is wrong. The British might say a spot of tea or a cup of tea but when the quantity of tea is undefined as it is in this statement, the article a is not used.


Once again, English speakers are regularly told to avoid ending a sentence with a preposition (ie: with)


If you ask an English person this question, one of the common answers would be 'my mouth' (heh-heh).


Ahahaha that would be "Чим ви п'єте чай?" :D (without "з")


I said "What do you drink with tea?" and it said it was incorrect. In this sentence, am I wrong or is the translation always going to be "what do you drink tea with" the way they have it?


How do you take/like your tea? Or What do you take in your tea? would all sound more natural in UK English.


This marked me wrong for saying "With what do you drink tea" instead of "with what do you drink a tea," which makes no sense in English...


When you make a obvious typo but it is clear you understood and translated the phrase it should be accepted


The most natural translation in my experience would be 'What do you take in your tea?' or 'How do you take your tea?'

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