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Android App skill strength stuck on gold

Yesterday I used the Android App to refresh many skills for both the Portuguese via English and the English via Portuguese trees. I was very happy to see a large proportion of the skills I had refreshed appeared gold in the App. My satisfaction was short lived however because the browser view was very different, showing several skills that were gold in the App as a different colour.

I tried deleting the App's data and cache and restarting the App but it still shows many skills as gold where the browser shows them as under full strength.

Any ideas?

(Although totally unrelated, I just wanted to confirm that transcription frames are occasionally missing audio leading to a certain lost heart and every so often to failure to earn a Lingot.)

App version: 1.3.4
Android: 4.04

October 23, 2013



"UPDATE: Some of you pointed out differences in skill strength between the web and mobile apps. We've figured it out and it should be fixed today (Wed 10/23)."



Thank you for the link to the update. It does seem that Duolingo have fixed this issue now.

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