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  5. "Ваше хобі"

"Ваше хобі"

Translation:Your hobby

August 13, 2015



What's the difference between Ваша and Ваше?


Ваша is feminine and ваше is neuter


Also захоплення means hobby/passion? Correct?


Generally speaking yes, but for some reason if you want to ask someone what their hobby is the phrase "Які у вас хобі?" звучить краще, ніж "Які у вас захоплення?". But you can use the verb form of захоплення, namely захоплюватися, to make it more natural: "Чим ви захоплюєтеся?". However, this could be a question either about hobbies or about things you admire.


Thank you for a fine explanation! Have a lingot!


I assume "хобі" is non-declinable, and that's why it also has "hobbies" as a hint? Can it be "your hobbies," or would that require "ваші"?


I'm still trying to determine whether piguy's question was ever answered or not. :-)

I know that хобi, being a loan word, is indeclinable. But, can you make it plural, and say "Якi вашi хобi," as we do in English: "What are your hobbies"? Or does that simply not occur in Ukrainian, in favor of "Якi у вас хобi?"


What's the difference between ваше ваш and вас please?

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